Ultimate Banner Plugin Review – Optimize Ads the Easy Way?

Thanks for visiting my Ultimate Banner Plugin Review! If you are running a WordPress self-hosted blog or website chances are that you are using banners in one way or another to make money. Maybe you are running banner ads or you display webinar sign-up banners to get more attendees.

Anyways, the truth is that most bloggers barely make the most out of their advertising. Testing banners and placements can result in a HUGE bump in advertising commissions, sign-ups, leads…or whatever you intend to achieve with banners on your website.

That being said, you might wonder where all this is going. Because you and I both know that there are quite a few WP plugins out there that let you split test the banners on your WordPress site. However, most of them (at least the ones I know of) are not giving you all the functionalities you’d expect to properly test your banners. This is where the Ultimate Banner Plugin comes into play. Keep reading to find out how the Ultimate Banner Plugin is different from the others!

Ultimate Banner Plugin Review: Launch Overview

Ultimate Banner Plugin Review

Vendor: Cindy Donovan et al

Product Type: WP plugin

Launch Date & Time: December 5th, 2016

Launch Price: $17

Website: Coming Soon

Ultimate Banner Plugin Reviewed: This is What This Plugin Can Do

First of all, let’s start off with looking at the basic features of the Ultimate Banner Plugin.

The probably most convenient feature of the Ultimate Banner Plugin is that you can handle all your banners in one admin area. This might sounds as if it’s not very important at first, but trust me, when testing things, you don’t want to be caught up in constantly navigating between  your widget management area and the plugin’s admin area.

These are the main features of the Ultimate Banner Plugin:

  • Manage all your banners in one admin area
  • Supports shortcodes (so you can insert ads anywhere you want and still can manage them in the admin area)
  • Integrate any type of banner ads
  • Turn your banners on or off with an easy click of a button
  • Intelligent banner display tracking
  • Create categories for your banners for easier management
  • Connect using thrive leads code
  • Track your views, clicks, conversions…whatever needs to be tracked!

Furthermore, the plugin promises to “intelligently control how, when and to whom banners are displayed”.

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