Rebake App Review – Not just another Page Builder (Or is it?)

Welcome to my Rebake App Review! If you are regularly building marketing pages, you know the struggle. Building them can be time consuming and, frankly, a pain in the behind. Page builders are a dime a dozen. But most Page builders doesn’t usually give you enough features or don’t allow you at all to customize anything. How on earth are you supposed to get it to look like YOU want it to look like? And once you went through hell to finally finish your page, the page load time is the next thing you have to worry about.

The creators of Rebake App claim that this page builder is different: It’s easy to build highly customized pages that are small in size (as little as 1 KB!) and lighting fast. And as we all know speed is key when it comes to conversions! All hype? Let’s take a closer look!

Product Info: Rebake

Rebake Review

Vendor: Jai Sharma et al

Product Type: Web App

Launch Date & Time: November 25th 2016 @ 11:00 EST

Price: $27 per month, $47 per year or $97 for lifetime access

Official Website: Click here

Rebake App Review: What is Rebake and What Can it Do?

Rebake is the world’s first “Rebaking Technology Based Builder”. This technology is currently patent pending, and is one of the key features of Rebake. It allows you to turn your site into a file that is only 1 KB in size. This is quite impressive considering that most websites easily are several MB in size.

We all know that a fast website is good for SEO. But most importantly fast loading times are important for a good user experience and conversions. According to studies a 1 second delay in loading your site can cost you as much as 7% of your conversions. So you see now, how making your site faster can potentially be a HUGE win!

Want to see how it Rebake works in action? –> Check out the demo video here.

So How Does Rebake Work?

I can obviously not tell you all about how the technology of Rebake works (after all, I’m not a developer). But there are a few things that are important to note:

  • Rebaking is a new technology
  • Rebaking, however, is NOT compression
  • By rebaking your site, your data doesn’t get compressed, or even worse, deleted
  • It compositions page components into a smaller file size

Key Features of Rebake

As mentioned earlier Rebake is not simply a technology that makes sites smaller. Rebake, in fact, is a page builder that allows you to easily built lightning fast pages. My biggest worry was that Rebake would focus so much on their core technology that the page building functionalities would suffer as a result of this. But the huge list of features proves otherwise. Here are just some of the key features of Rebake App:

  • Live-Time editing
  • Drag and Drop builder
  • Highly customizable (HTML supported)
  • Mobile responsive
  • Import social media buttons
  • Compress video to 90% of the original size
  • Upscale a small dimension video to high definition without losing quality
  • Reduce video size to 1KB
  • Analytics
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Integrated with everything you need, such as autoresponders etc.

–> Check out the official website for a list of all features

Key Takeaways of this Rebake Review

If you heavily rely on page builders to create your marketing pages then it’s definitely worth it to take a look at Rebake. First of all, creating lighting fast pages becomes very easy with Rebake App which improves user experience and increases conversion rates. Secondly, the page builder is full of great features that allow you to create highly customized pages.

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