Mobimatic Review – Can Building Mobile Apps be THAT Easy?

Welcome to my Mobimatic Review! If you are a serious marketer (and I bet you are!) then you can’t overlook the mobile market and the growing demand for mobile apps. And with the rapid growth of the mobile market come new tools that make it even easier to reach and engage mobile users.

One of these tools is Mobimatic. Mobimatic is a visual mobile app design platform. Yes, that’s right, this platform lets you build high quality mobile apps the easy way – by drag and drop in just a couple of minutes. No coding skills required! Considering that HQ apps sell anywhere from $500 to $3000 on the market and that the demand is ever rising, this could be a HUGE opportunity to make some serious moolah!

Now, let’s take a closer look in this Mobimatic review to see if this product really does what it promises.

Product Info: Mobimatic

Mobimatic Review

Vendor: Simon Warner et al

Product type: Cloud-based Software

Launch Date & Time: November 9th, 2016 @ 11:00 EST

Price: $297

Website: Coming soon

Mobimatic Review: What is it and how does it work?

When it comes to mobile apps everyone usually assumes that it takes an experienced developer to create a high quality app. The truth is that the process of building apps has been simplified over the past few years to such extend that you can now build your own app without any coding skills whatsoever.

One visual mobile app design platform that allows you to do this with ease is Mobimatic. Whatever kind of app you are thinking about, you can most likely build it with Mobimatic. Best of all – you can easily do it all by yourself.

What kind of apps can I build with Mobimatic?

Mobimatic lets you build apps for Android as well as iOS apps. Let’s take a look at what kind of applications Mobimatic lets you create:

  • WordPress apps
  • Affiliate apps
  • Membership apps
  • Audio/Video Live Streaming apps
  • eBooking apps
  • Niche specific apps
  • Bar and club apps
  • Hotel and restaurant apps
  • Gym and Fitness apps
  • Music apps
  • eLearning apps
  • Community apps
  • Local business apps
  • And many more!

With Mobimatic you can build an UNLIMITED number of apps. You also get access to tons of categories and templates that are ready to use. This way creating high quality apps becomes super easy.

How does it work?

Check out this demo video to see how you can build an app in just 5 minutes:

What can Mobimatic do for you?

Whether you are planning to create apps for your own businesses or see an opportunity to make money by selling apps to other businesses – Mobimatic can make your job extremely easy.

The demand for apps is currently VERY high. Even news websites, such as Huffington Post, have an app. Not because their website sucks on mobile, but because an app is simply better optimized for user experience as well as ad performance on mobile.

Developers charge anywhere between $500 and $3000 for an app. Do you see the potential? Not only could an easy to use app builder be a big money saver for you if you want to develop apps for your own business, but selling apps could become a business for you all on its own.

What if I get stuck or have any questions?

Even though the platform is as easy as dragging and dropping elements, the creators of Mobimatic have put a lot of effort into giving you as much support as possible, should you get stuck at any point in the process. They have built an extensive knowledge base which answers any questions you might have. Should you by any chance not find your answer there you always have access to 24 hour life chat support.

Mobimatic Review: Key Takeaways

These are my major takeaways of this Mobimatic review:

  • Mobimatic allows to create app in just a couple of minutes
  • Creating apps becomes much cheaper since you don’t have to hire a developer for $500 to $3000
  • You can potentially sell apps, since creating them becomes super easy and the demand for HQ apps is currently very high
  • Support is great! Mobimatic offers an extensive knowledge base and 24 hour life support
  • You get access to lots of different categories and templates which makes creating your app even easier

I hope you enjoyed reading my Mobimatic review!

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