GKEYword Profit Review – All-in-One Keyword Analyzer?

This is an extensive GKEYword Profit review to help you understand what GKEYword Profit is and what it can do for you. GKEYword Profit is a software targeted towards SEOs, video marketers or owners of websites or ecommerce stores. Especially if you sell products on Amazon Kindle or Ebay then GKEYword Profit is definitely worth taking a closer look at. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

GKEYwod Profit Review: Launch Overview

GKEYword Profit Review

Product Name: GKEYword Profit

Type: Software

Vendor: Pratik Bagrecha

Launch Date & Time:

Price: $27

Website: Coming Soon

What is GKEYword Profit?

In short GKEYword Profit is a sofware that helps you with keyword research. More specifically GKEYword Profit helps you to do keyword research for multiple platforms such as Google, YouTube, Ebay and Amazon. As such it is an all-in-one keyword research tool that can help you to rank across all platforms for the right keywords.

GKEYword Profit consists of 4 different “modules”, so to speak:

  • Google Analysis
  • Kindle Keyword Research
  • Ebay evaluate
  • YouTube filtering

Google Analysis

GKEYword Profit helps you to find keywords to rank for on Google. To be honest, this feature didn’t surprise me much as there are plenty of other keyword research tools out there that will give you data for Google. Nevertheless, GKEYword Profit gives you everything you need: CPC, volume, competition and even domain availability.

Kindle Keyword Research

No we’re cooking. Kindle Keyword Research is an interesting feature if you are selling on Amazon Kindle. This feature helps you to find the top keywords for Kindle. It then even allows you to take a look at all the books that are ranking for the chosen keyword. You get insights into their average monthly revenue, average price, reviews and more! This is amazing as it helps you greatly to optimize your listing.

Ebay Evaluate

If you are selling on Ebay then you know that optimizing your listing is a must. GKEYword Profit helps you to find the most searched keywords. Upon selecting a keyword you then get to take a closer look at the top listings for that keyword. This gives you insight on average price, bid count and watch count, for example.

YouTube Filtering

If you have done YouTube SEO before then you know that the only keyword data YouTube provides you is the related search data. YouTube Filtering shows you all the related keywords in a neat list. While this is probably not the most impressive feature it helps to keep an overview of things. After selecting a keyword you have the chance to compare the top listings: You can see their view count, like count, comment count as well as ranking difficulty.

Key Takeaways of this GKEYword Profit Review

GKEYword Profit is an all-in-one keyword research tool that allows you to do keyword research for multiple platforms (Google, Ebay, YouTube, Amazon Kindle). While I personally think that it doesn’t bring anything special to the table when it comes to keyword research for Google, it is an awesome tool if you are marketing on Ebay or Amazon Kindle. It can help you to avoid a ton of guess work and manual research when optimizing your Ebay or Kindle listings.

Thank you for reading my GKEYword Profit review.

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